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Group Learning - Together is Better!

As Jessi mentioned in our previous post, one of the reasons we came together was to do science together. We have found over the years some parents would love to have help coming alongside them to teach their students the high school sciences courses. But let's face it, as homeschool parents, we have multiple subjects we are teaching. So we decided to be proactive and teach our elementary students and junior students at the same time.  To be honest, I have found it has been more enjoyable when doing experiments together.  Whether we are laughing together, observing effects of chemicals, grossed out when dissecting species or learning from failed experiments, science is just more fun together! 

We decided to choose a science that was Biblical based, teaching science through our Creator God.

We chose the Apologia curriculum because their values,vision, and statement of faith align with our goals. We found from personal experience that our children needed a transition from elementary science to high school science with the Apologia curriculum so we began using Master Books general science curriculum.

MasterBooks uses God as Creator and His son, Jesus our Savior as the foundation to grow our faith through science.

I would like to give you a brief description of the classes we are offering this year. For our K-2nd grades, we are using  Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, we will be discovering God's design and details in the flying insects. For our 3rd-5th grades, we are using Exploring Creation with Astronomy, we will be exploring the intricate characteristics of our solar system and the universe God created.

For our 6th-8th grades we are using Master Books - General Science: Caves, Geology and Archaeology. In the book, Caves we will explore the wonders of the formations, climate, animals and hazards in the ecosystem in caves around the world. In Geology, we will explore the features of the earth’s crust, surface, and mountains, fossilization, and the effects of erosion, wind and volcanoes. In Archaeology, we will explore the various findings that support biblical history, ancient  histories and treasures in the  archeologists discoveries. For our highschool students, we will be offering biology and chemistry.  With Apologia Biology (2nd Edition), students will learn the cell structure and function,  DNA, prokaryotes, viruses, fungi,  plant structure,function and reproduction, and various types of animals. Student’s activities will include reading, completing worksheets and studying at home.  Labs and tests will be done at co-op along with lecture and discussion. With Apologia Chemistry (3rd Edition), students will learn measurement, units, scientific method,atoms,molecules, chemical reactions and solutions.

Student’s activities will include reading, completing worksheets and studying at home.  Labs and tests will be done at co-op along with lecture and discussion. *Classes are subject to minimum enrollment requirement and teacher availability.

So, if you think science is more enjoyable when learning in a group, check us out!

--In Christ,


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